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firstmarshalofthemark asked
I lost shadowmere. I rode her to northwatch keep, got off, slaughtered the elves and came back and couldn't find her. Haven't seen her since.

:(  Arvak is better anyway :P

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So thank you to all of you guys for making this blog what it is. And a special thanks to Bethesda for making such a bug ridden game :)


Every time I enter Whiterun, Paarthurnax’s skeleton drops from the sky!Sometimes in front of Belethor”s Shop, sometimes in front of War Maiden’s.  I believe he’s haunting me for killing him.

norskman236 asked
So I was on a thieves guild quest and was near a giant camp and out of nowhere I see Aela fighting a mammoth. And this is after I completed the companions. Not just that but Njada was sticking half way out of the ground and she had died on a dark brotherhood quest with me. AND SKJOR WAS THERE TOO!! He was definitely dead! After I killed the mammoth I just rode away still thinking bout what the fuck I just saw...

One time on regular xbox skyrim 

I was doing the dark brotherhood quest to kill the emperor on his boat. I was in a room on the first level of the ship when suddenly I heard “you’re exactly what i’ve been looking for!” I turned around to see barbas. I was quickly discovered and couldn’t exit out of the chat, so i’m standing there talking to a talking dog on my way to kill an emperor while nonchalantly being attacked by a battleaxe wielding guard.

jamesrbasterd asked
I had a glitch after modding Skyrim for the first time. About every 20 seconds, or every time I would pause, quicksave, autosave, wait, sleep, fast travel, enter, or exit a city, an Ancient Nord Battleaxe of Cold would spawn behind me, glitched to the ground.

That’s actually a weird glitch you get from modding O_o. Usually its just a crash or textures not loading or something like that

Anonymous asked
wait so other people get the glitch there the volkihar harbor thing is filled with so many wolves and bears? so many.
metis-problems asked
Brelyna was my follower and I was on my way to Riften, when suddenly a troll attacked, it attacked her but I was already walking away, I turned around and ran back when I realized she wasn't behind me and I saw her fighting, I helped kill the troll, and then she suddenly disappeared. She didn't die, because she can't, and her body was nowhere to be found either, but she never caught up to me and I just ?!?! follower disappearance is apparently a popular glitch and there's how I lost my follower

This is why you must never get attached to your followers!

In their town he is POO-f*cking! Dragonball! “Mustard Jar!”

This song is stuck in my head. Save me.
(Hint if you don’t know it - Skyrim misinterpreted lyrics)

Anonymous asked
I also had once that glitch where I couldn't find Gunmar, and he was at the back of castle volkihar, with hundreds of animals in the water, mostly wolves and bears. Try checking there.